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Aleksandr Boyko’s Blog and Personal Page

Welcome to the blog and personal space of Aleksandr Boyko, primarily focused on programming and related topics. I am a native Russian speaker.

Professional Background

I began my career at 2008, at the beginning of the second wave of ex-USSR gamedev(“Industry in the Darkness”), and create games for iPhone/iPad platform almost from the very beginning. My work includes several published shareware games for Windows and numerous iOS/Android games. These were developed using a proprietary engine, adapted from a cross-platform engine designed for Windows and next-gen consoles, and I was part of a small team. Some of my personal story after 10 years in gamedev(in Russian).

After a decade in game development, I transitioned to MyTona, where I led as a senior developer and technical producer. My passion for creating and playing games continues to drive my career.

I am doing:
- Profiling and optimizations
- Middleware for games
- Visual effects
- Adapting game engines for various platforms
- Engine improvements
- 3D animation pipeline and in-game rendering

As a team lead, my role extends beyond technical tasks to include:
- Improving working pipelines
- Team management
- Exploring ideas and technologies
- Watching for game-dev industry
- Working as honest programmerHonest programmer manifest

Also, my hobbies are:
- Travelling
- Juggling
- NES games researching
- Gaming

I am writing about:
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My github projects:

CadEditor - my old pet project, universal level editor for more than 100 old console games, written as customizable platform for create own level-editors
Fceux-lua-server - remote server for connect to fceux emulator and control it (video)
Android-emu-with-achievements - demo nesoid nes android emulator with support of achivements via google play (watching for memory in several popular games)

Converters to flamegraphs - scripts to convert EtfProf and Xcode profilers’ output information to flamegraph format
lldb_dump_class_layout - python script for lldb debugger for view C++ classes memory layout (similar to unix pahole tool, but interactive)

You can contact me:
sanya.boyko at gmail.com