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This is the blog and personal page of Aleksandr Boyko.
Mostly about programming stuff. My native is Russian.

I’ve worked at Gaijin Entertaiment on PC and mobile games, engine and related tools. Mostly worked as general developer on mobile games.

I’ve started at 2008, at the beginning of the second wave of ex-USSR gamedev (after 2007-“industrion in the dark” period), and create games for iPhone/iPad platform almost from the very beginning. I made several published shareware windows games, and several ios/android games with proprietary engine (manually ported from cross-platform windows/next-gen consoles engine) with a small team.
Some of my personal story after 10 years in gamedev(in Russian).

Now I am working at MyTona as lead developer. I really enjoy to make games and to play it.

I am doing:
- Profiling and optimizations
- Middleware for games
- Visual effects
- Porting engines at different platforms
- Engine improvements

Also, as usual team lead, i am doing lot of stuff, like:
- Improving working pipelines
- Team management
- Exploring ideas and technologies
- Watching for game-dev industry
- Working as honest programmerHonest programmer manifest

Also, my hobbies are:
- Travelling
- Juggling
- NES games researching
- Gaming

My old pet project:

CadEditor - universal level editor for more than 100 old console games, written as customizable platform for create own level-editors

You can contact me:
sanya.boyko at gmail.com